WSBC Blog, #1, 2024-05-03



So, what will be WSBC Moon Base?

A year ago we launched to The Moon. In its orbit, we took a close look at the surface to find a place for a permanent base. Then we carefully landed back on Earth, gently touching the bottom of the dance floor. Like certain rockets of the famous Martian. And after a while, for missiion data analysis, we took off again. So we know that we can fly.

And now it's time for The Moon Base.

The principle will be simple. There will be attractions for chads on our base. Interactive attractions. Individual and for clans of chads. But on the Moon, Oxygen is a treasure. The Oxygen in our base will come from burning WSBC. WSBC is a very special and quite rare element in Space. A lot of things can be extracted from WSBC. For example Oxygen. Chads will just have to send WSBC to a dead address. And connect the wallet for indentification. That's all.

The conversion of WSBC to oxygen hours will be based on the market price of WSBC and will be kept stable in $ value. We will provide deails on it at a later date.

Interactive attractions at the base will be related to crypto space industry, social media and data.

...yes, we have some gamedevs in basement, even with true released boxed PC games on the resume.

The planned date for making the first segments of The Moon Base available: September 2024.

...stay tuned, ... it will be fun.